The Dodow – A New Approach to getting to Sleep

If you can’t fall asleep because of anxiety or an overactive mind, or if you are a ruminator who can’t stop thinking about something that happened 10 years ago, then Dodow might the answer you are looking for.

To be clear from the outset, the Dodow is not a cure for insomnia, however with so many people now claiming that because if it they are now having good, restful sleep, it’s worth reading on to see how it works.

Quite simply, Dodow is designed to help your mind enter a relaxed state and subsequently help you fall asleep quicker. 

This small round device uses a soothing light that ebbs and flows to guide your breathing at the Dodow rhythm, which is 6 breaths per minute (we usually breathe on average 11 breathes per min). So, you breathe in when the light glows and breathe out when the light goes. At this rhythm you stimulate a physiological mechanism called the baroreflex which rebalances the nervous system. This allows you to transition from an alert state to a resting state. 

The mind enters a safe and common focused state when you synchronise your breathing to the light pulse at the Dodow rhythm. Ideally, after a few minutes of this breathing, your mind will let go and you will drift off to sleep.

What is dodow?

Psychologically, Dodow is designed to distract you from your many thoughts with something that is far more relaxing. You might not fall asleep straight away on the first night, but many people have said they have seen great results in just a week of using it. Eventually, your body will learn how to put itself to sleep properly and you won’t need the help of the Dodow. 

What’s great about Dodow is that there is place for it in everyone’s bedroom as we’ve all had nights where we just can’t switch off. The Dodow can be used every night for chronic insomniacs and people with high levels of anxiety, as well as by people who just want to use it for a night or two every so often due to a rough day or jet lag. It’s very versatile.

Dodow is also great for children who have trouble sleeping, as the concept is easy enough for them to follow and makes for a helpful piece of a relaxing bed time routine. Much more zen than counting sheep!

The device takes about 20 mins to set up. It starts off with an 8 min cycle, and if you run your finger over the surface again it will run a 20 min cycle. You don’t have to turn the machine off, you can drift away to sleep and it will turn off by itself.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, how can I sleep with my eyes open, with blue light illuminating my room? Just to be clear, this device is designed to get you into a relaxed state where your body will allows itself to go to sleep naturally. The device will not directly put you to sleep.

The light is not too bright and can be adjusted to your personal preference. Some people may think the blue light of the device is not good for inducing sleep, however the device does not target the circadian rhythms. If you suffer from circadian rhythm sleep disorders such as Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome than this device may not be suitable for you. However, if you suffer from sleeplessness due to anxiety and an overactive mind, it can work wonders!

A few things to consider…

For best usage, Dodow needs to be positioned at least two feet away from the wall or in the middle of your room; otherwise, the wall can distort the light projection. 

The product does not offer free returns, but give it a red hot go before you decided you don’t like it because it does take a little getting used to. In my opinion, the results are definitely worth it.

You can purchase the product on Amazon:

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And if you love it so much you want to take it on your travels, you can also get a cool travel case for it:

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If you have used Dodow in the past or are using it now, comment below and let me know your thoughts and experience.