Snoring Prevention

How to Prevent Snoring?

how to prevent snoringWe all know someone who snores (it may be you), it’s a widespread problem. In fact, most adults will snore at some point in their lives, which is very normal as long as it’s a rare occurrence. Being that one person who consistently snores in the family can be rough, especially when your partner and the rest of the family wake up tired and grumpy because you kept them up all night!

Most people suffering from chronic snoring have sleep apnea, which can be life-threatening, as it could lead to heart attack and other nerve issues. The heavy vibrations that snoring creates are very dangerous for the health of veins and blood flow in the body.

Due to these serious health concerns, it’s best to seek medical advice before trying to treat snoring, so you can get an understanding of the cause first. Try to resist the over-the-counter treatments without consulting a doctor. However, if you are desperately looking to tame the snoring monster immediately, here are some preventative measures that can help eradicate the snoring right now…

Natural Remedies to Prevent Snoring

Weight Loss

If you did not snore when you were at an ideal body weight, then chances are that your snoring is a result of weight gain. Weight gain causes the neck tissue to grow and expand, obstructing the air passage in the upper respiratory system. People tend to notice a difference in their snoring once they lose weight. Get on that treadmill!

Nightly Routines

Maintaining a nightly routine will help your body relax and get into sleep mode. Being busy right up until bedtime can cause fatigue as your mind has not had time to wind down. Maintain healthy sleep hygiene by avoiding TV and other screen devices, alcohol, smoking and food before bedtime. Create a spa-like feel by opting for relaxing teas such as Chamomile and use a diffuser to clear your nasal cavity. Once your body gets used to sleeping at a certain time and receiving adequate rest, you are less likely to be affected by snoring.

Do Not Drink Alcohol

Many studies have shown that alcohol is the root cause of snoring even in individuals that do not normally snore. Having an almost sedative-like effect which relaxes the neck muscles beyond their requirement, alcohol hinders the smooth passage of air, leading to snoring.

Some studies show that drinking alcohol 5 or 6 hours before bedtime can also cause snoring.


natural remedies to stop snoringWhoever invented the diffuser was a genius! Not only does it help maintain humidity in the air but it also helps clear nasal blockages which may be the cause of heavy wheezing and snoring. Try adding Clove oil or Clary sage oil to the diffuser before bedtime to keep the air passage clear and achieve a healthy undisturbed sleep cycle.

Avoid Muscle Relaxants

One of the major causes, why adults start snoring, is the use of muscle relaxants as they can expand the tissues in the neck. If you do have a habit of taking muscle relaxants, instead try to take a long hot shower or add Epsom salts to the bath to soak and relax the muscles naturally. While in there, add a few drops of essential oils to clear out the sinuses- and just relax.


Hydration is incredibly underrated and most people do not drink enough water daily! It is the key to avoiding many diseases; it promotes blood and nutrient circulation and rids the body of toxins. It also helps in removing the mucus from a congested nose and soft palate which causes blockages in the air passages.

 Sleeping Position

stop snoring sleep apneaThe way you sleep has an impact on your breathing. Lying on your back can cause the base of your tongue and soft palate to collapse, leading to a vibration that creates sound. Sleeping on your side can make a huge difference as it relieves the pressure between the tongue and soft palate to allow smooth airflow. Try using a body pillow to help keep you on your side during the night. Most doctors recommend sleeping on the left side.

Reduce or Stop Smoking

Smoking is a habit that is associated with a range of health issues, damaging the arteries and heart, and causing serious diseases such as lung cancer and tuberculosis. Smoking also obstructs the airways by depositing debris in the upper respiratory system. Smoking right before bedtime can compound the snoring even further. Reducing or stopping smoking will help in eliminating the snoring significantly.

Try these natural remedies to help reduce and prevent snoring. If you find these to be ineffective, check out the Snoring Solutions page for more options that could work for you!