Snoring Solutions

How to Stop Snoring in your Sleep?

How-To-Find-The-Best-Cure-For-SnoringLet me guess, you’ve been making sounds like the Exorcist or your partner, friend or family member has, and you are in search of a solution to banish the evil. You’ve come to the right place. All jokes aside, snoring is a major and universal issue that is really annoying, and can be unhealthy – for everyone!

Adequate undisturbed sleep is necessary for a healthy body and mind. Snoring is a condition that interrupts the sleep cycle and can cause severe health issues if left untreated. Taking effective measures to eradicate snoring is necessary to get a good amount of restful sleep and to function at optimal levels during the day.

Sometimes snoring is temporary and goes away without treatment. Although, consistent snoring is an indicator of poor health or unhelpful lifestyle habits. It is closely related to obesity and it can even increase the chances of a heart attack. Loud snoring with sudden silences and snorting is often a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and you should consult a doctor if you think you suffer from OSA.

Luckily, the snoring monster can be tamed! We’ve complied a thorough list of snoring solutions from natural anti snoring remedies to snoring mouth guards, hypnosis and even surgery. Some of these solutions can be implemented immediately and others will require doctor’s advice depending on your personal circumstances.

Natural Snoring Solutions

There are many natural, inexpensive ways to help reduce loud snoring and sleep apnea:

1.    Ensure you are in the correct sleeping position

Did you know, that sleeping on your back may be the cause of your snoring? The tongue and soft palate join together when you sleep on your back, obstructing airflow through your nasal passages. One way to help you stay on your side throughout the night is by using a positioning pillow, which can keep you from rolling over. Some practitioners suggest attaching a tennis ball to the front and back of your PJ’s to avoid sleeping on your back and stomach. Although this is uncomfortable, it is known to be a highly effective technique.

Doctors recommend sleeping on your left side for optimal snore free sleep.

2.    Use Essential Oils

essential oils to help stop snoringA congested chest and nose can cause wheezing and clog up the respiratory system. Pure peppermint essential oil acts as a stimulant to relieve the congestion in the nasal cavity and chest. This oil is largely effective in clearing out the air passages to promote a restful night’s sleep. If peppermint oil is not your desired scent, there are many other essential oils that can help too.

3.    Use a Humidifier or Diffuser

If you don’t already have one of these, you must invest in one immediately! The humidifier is an excellent gadget to help keep the sinuses in check. Humidifiers and diffusers prevent air from getting dry and also help the body inhale essential oil-infused vapors that clear out the congestion in the nose and chest. You will wake up feeling like you’ve spent blissful hours in a spa.

4.   Other Natural Remedies
  • Amp up the amount of vitamin C in your diet. Oranges are loaded with this goodness- get juicing!
  • Drink more water.
  • Reduce smoking and alcohol consumption to get faster results.
  • Goldenseal is a powder or capsule supplement that can be added to non-caffeinated teas to help with snoring.

Anti-Snoring Devices, Hypnosis & Surgery

If the natural solutions are not working or you’d like an instant fix, then you might require some help from products specifically created to tackle and eliminate snoring.

1.    Zyppah

A visually appealing gadget that uses two methods, first it holds the jaw in a forward position and second, it keeps the tongue in a stationary position, which stops any obstructions. It is one of the few anti-snoring devices that have an attractive structure and a stylish color scheme. Many users have found this device to be effective, check out the reviews to find out more.

2.    AirSnore

AirSnore is a device designed to keep the upper airways clear, promoting adequate passage of air without obstruction from the neck tissue. AirSnore has unveiled a technology that features AirSnore drops which relax the body to promote healthy and uninterrupted sleep patterns. All the ingredients are naturally derived from Sunflower Seed Oil and Eucalyptus. Read up on the reviews to see what others think.

3.    TheraSnore

TheraSnore has been a market leader for over a decade and is a popular method to stop snoring. It is a mouth guard designed to adjust to your requirements and reduce snoring significantly. It’s durability is what sets it apart and it caters to 5 different sizes, and lasts for up to two years. This is a product worth investigating if you are suffering from Sleep Apnea.

4.    Good Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution is a unique device that actually ensures you experience undisturbed sleep by using suction technology to keep your tongue in place and ensure how to many my partner stop snoringuninterrupted airflow. The device is surprisingly comfortable and relaxing. Check out how Good Morning Snore Solution works.

5.    Zquiet

This device is one of the best to eliminate snoring vibration. Zquiet specifically targets the vibrations in a soft, comfortable mouthpiece. This is a dentist-designed product that has FDA approval.

6.    Snore Rx Snoring Aid

Snore Rx Snoring Aid is a very easy-to-use snoring elimination device that is designed to keep the jaw in a forward position without any discomfort. What makes this mouthpiece unique is its capability to be adjusted with centimeter increments, which is impressive for a mouthpiece. It has absolutely no metal parts, which increases comfort. Check out the reviews for Snore Rx Snoring Aid.

7.    Snoreless Pillow

The Scoreless Pillow is designed to elevate the jaw and prevent the throat and tongue tissues from obstructing the airways. The shape of the pillow is designed to support the neck and head in a way that keeps the throat clear. A standard pillowcase is all that’s needed to slip on top. Click here to find out more and purchase the Snoreless Pillow.

8.  My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution chinstrap is an effective solution to stop snoring immediately. The strap is made from high-quality, comfortable, machine washable material making it easy to wear while sleeping. This is a great option for people who dislike anti-snoring mouthpieces.

My Snoring Solutions works by supporting the lower jaw in an upward position to stop the vibrations of the soft tissues. With the jaw in this position, it clears the space in the airways and decreases the soft tissues from collapsing and causing a vibration.

My Snoring Solution is currently running a buy one get one free offer with a 90-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. Click here to find out more.

10. Hypnosis to Stop Snoring

This is an alternative option to consider if you are up for a bit of fun or have tried everything but surgery, or if surgery is not suitable for your condition. This is a solution that tries to get to the root cause of the snoring in the mind and must be performed by an experienced professional. Read the article on Hypnosis to Stop Snoring to find out more.

10. Surgery

If the snoring is severe and you have tried everything to cure it, then you may want to investigate snoring surgery. This is the last resort option and you will need to consult a doctor to see if surgery is suitable for you. Find out more about Surgery to Stop Snoring in the articles section.

Always try to incorporate natural remedies to reduce snoring when using snoring mouth pieces or other external aids as this will help you get results quicker!