Things to Make you Stop Snoring

Things That Make You Stop SnoringI get it, sometimes you just don’t have time to go to the doctor for a problem like snoring. It’s not painful (to you anyway) so there is a lack of urgency to fix it… Until you have friends, family or that special someone sleeping over, then it becomes a code red emergency! To avoid this last-minute panic, let’s deal with the issue now.

So, what are the most popular anti snoring devices out there, that can be conveniently bought without the hassle of visiting a doctor? What products are working for other people, that could possibly be the cure to your snoring problems?

With hundreds of anti-snoring products out there, there is hot competition for providing comfort and results for the user, as well as their sleep partner. We have tried, tested and reviewed the most popular anti snoring devices on the market to make your selection process super easy. And because we are also a little too time poor for the doctor and rather spend money on other non-essential life items, we have made sure that all the anti-snoring solutions we recommend tick our instant-gratification boxes:

  1. can be purchased online;
  2. are super affordable; and because we aren’t all the same,
  3. offer a variety of solutions to suit a range of comfort levels.


Let’s go through them…

#1 Bangbreak Snore Stopper Mouthpiece

Bangbreak Snore Stopper MouthpieceThis is a product that a lot of people are loving and it’s getting rave reviews on Amazon. If you are used to mouth guards or don’t mind sleeping with something in your mouth, then this could be the one to try. It’s known to not only reduce snoring, but eliminate it completely! Now, that’s a big call.

The Bangbreak Snore Stopper Mouthpiece is designed to fit into the mouth, just like a mouth guard. Unlike many other anti-snoring dental devices on the market, it’s considered to be comfortable to sleep in. Like a sports mouth guard, the mouthpiece can easily be moulded to fit your mouth snuggly and readjusted if needed. Naturally, it takes a few days to get used to, but after a little while, you’d hardly notice it’s there!

Bangbreak Snore Stopper is made from BPA and latex free material and is a 100% safe to put in your mouth. It also comes with a free antibacterial case to store the mouth piece when not in use or when travelling. What’s more, if you grind your teeth at night or suffer from Bruxism, this product can also help with that.

#2 Dortz Anti-Snoring Solution

Dortz Anti-Snoring Solution If a mouth piece doesn’t sound like your thing, maybe this one is. This is another highly popular anti-snoring solution that is attracting a lot of attention, the good kind! A lot of people who snore loudly do so because they are not able to breathe through their nose. Queue Dortz Anti- Snoring Solution!

This device is designed to replicate the anatomy of the nose. It is inserted in the nostrils and makes your nose feel like it’s more open, making it not just possible, but also easierto breathe during sleep.

Each pack of Dortz comes with 8 sets of nasal vents, in a variety of sizes, so you can use whichever fits you most comfortably. One nasal vent can be reused multiple times and its completely up to you how many times you chose to reuse it. However, a new set always feels better.

As with the mouthguard, having something stuck up your nose can take a little getting used to but given some time (a couple of weeks), it really works wonders!


#3 Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

Anti-snoring Chin StrapIf you don’t think you can sleep with anything up your nose, then this non-invasive device may be the one for you. Unlike other products that reduce snoring, this one is known to actually eliminate it immediately- if you are a mouth snorer.

Most snorers have a problem which is completely out of their control- they can’t seem to keep their mouth closed when sleeping. It just pops open, which causes snoring that often mimics the sound of a chainsaw. I can’t imagine anyone in the house getting sleep with this sound echoing through the hallway at night!

The Anti-Snoring Chin Strap helps keep the mouth closed during sleep. It is very easy to use, as it literally straps around the face to support the chin. The strap comfortably cradles the face and has cut outs for the ears to fit through. The texture of the material is soft and gentle on the skin, also suitable for people with sensitive skin. It may take a little getting used to, however the chin strap is much easier to get used to than a mouth guard or nose insert.


#4 Breathe Right Extra Nasal Strips

Breathe Right Extra Nasal StripsIf you have a special someone sleeping over and it’s too early in the romance to scare them with a mouth guard, nose insert or chin strap, you may feel better going for a more traditional (and discreet) solution.

One of the first products that hit the market of snoring aids were nasal strips. These strips are for people who wake up frightened from the sound of their own snores and even more so of finding their beds empty because their sleep partner couldn’t stand the noise.

These nasal strips are designed to be bandaged onto the nose (just like a band-aid) when you go to sleep. The strips are made from a flexible, spring like material with an adhesive underside. They stick right above the flare of the nostrils, and as the band attempts to straight back to its original shape, it opens up the nasal passage by lifting the sides of the nose. This lifting action makes it easier to breathe.

This simple solution is free of all drugs and also comes in a version suitable for sensitive skin. Furthermore, Breathe Right nasal strips aren’t just for chronic snorers. A lot of people have trouble breathing through the nose during a slumber due to sinus congestion or a cold, so these strips can also relieve some of the breathing issues associated with these issues.

Snorers have said to experience much better breathing after using this product for a just few days. It’s the gift that keeps giving, the longer you use it, the more you will experience further improved comfort in breathing.

The downside? Pulling the strip off, come morning, may feel a little bit like being waxed. However, you just need to rip it off, like a band-aid. This milli-second of pain is nothing compared to the advantages these nasal strips offer, so it’s totally worth a shot.


#5 Sleep Strips by SomniFix

Sleep Strips by SomniFixAccording to research, people who breathe through the nose have a lot more health benefits over those that breathe through the mouth. If your snoring is due to your mouth dropping open involuntarily during sleep, but you don’t like the idea of the chin strap, then this maybe the answer you’ve been searching for.

Sleep Strips by SomniFix are like band aids for the mouth. You stick them over your lips to keep your mouth closed while sleeping. If breathing solely though your nose sounds way too daunting, don’t panic, this product has a little sympathy for the mouth breathers as there is a little vent cut out in the center, if you really need to inhale through the mouth.

The strip is hypoallergenic, which means it’s easy on the lips and even easier to remove. Simply open your mouth and the strips comes off, no painful ripping. It is super comfortable to wear and the color of the strip is clear, which means visually, you will hardly notice it’s there. This is great if you want to be discreet about your open mouth snoring.

Like with all anti snoring solutions, it needs a little getting used to but it only takes a few days and the results are worth the momentary discomfort. However, this product is not suitable for people who have trouble breathing through the nose, especially if you suffer from issues like blocked airways, stuffy nose, congestion, etc. If this is you, please choose a solution that allows you to breathe freely through your mouth.

So, there you have it! The top 5 anti snoring products that people are loving and importantly getting results from. Each product is designed for a specific circumstance, so go ahead and choose one that best suits you. Or better still, if you think a few could be the answer, by all means, try them out to see which one works best.

Happy Sleeping!


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